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A new piece and is one of a new series.

The YOU in the title refers to the sea, the ocean, the rivers…

It’s most basic interpretation, put simply, is that our survival depends it.

The red has been used as a warning.

As an artist, who paints the beauty of the sea, it is more personal. The original working title was “Without you I am nothing” - it still feels right to me, however, on Instagram I could I see this was open to misinterpretation and have changed it, quite accurately, to include us all.


Mixed media | plaster relief

Not currently for sale.

There will be cards and prints available soon.

This is a new website, so although images are now being added, it isn’t quite ready yet…

Work is available for sale from St Mawes Gallery. Contact Jasmin at:

Please also feel free to contact me at

Take it easy,

Jules x


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