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I'm very happy to have two of my 80 x 80 Sea circles included in the Art in Mind exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery, London.

A SEA CIRCLE captures more than simply a seascape. Within each circle is a personal interpretation. The state of the ocean is only one element. The circle, when viewed, creates a feeling of motion, the ebb and flow of tide and waves.

I use my signature techniques, of mixed media and plaster relief, to create unique, distinctive, contemporary seascapes and sea circles.

SEA CIRCLE | PEBBLES, inspired by a peaceful early morning walk on Gyllyngvase beach, Cornwall. Sharp sand under foot and a clear sky reflected on a calm sea.

SEA CIRCLE | EXPERIENCE; the result of a rough sea crossing and violent emotional storm.

In 1994 I completed a BA (Hons) Design (Textiles). In addition to fine art pieces, for over 20 years, I have also created contemporary textile print designs exclusively for a Swiss studio.

All commissions will be considered.

Instagram | @jadaniels.seaart


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